Renegade Products USA is a well established brand and has been in business since 1997. We are a manufacturer in Anaheim, California and we manufacture virtually all automotive detailing products. We have our own full time chemist, 3 automated state of the art bottling machines (2 built as recently as 2021) and manufacturing equipment that ensures quality and precision. 

Our automated bottling machine allows to be the premium toll blender for car care products. By this i mean that we are able to achieve amazing economies of scale for our private label / white label customers who are looking for a competitive edge in the car care marketplace. We believe that with our purchase volume of raw materials and automated machinery we can help you be competitive with any of the large brands in the car care space such as Mothers, Meguiars, Chemical Guys or Adam's Polishes. 



In our gold level, we like to think of this as our turn-key private label program where we you can choose the product then customize the scent and color. This level will allow you to have a fully customized label on your bottle with all of your own companies information and label design. The MOQ for this level of private label is going to be at least ONE drum of product which equates to a quantity of 440 16 ounce bottles. Keep in mind that this is the MOQ, we do not hit economies of scale in production or with our bottling machinery until we hit about 2-3 drums per product as there are fixed costs associated with custom bottling.

These fixed costs are:

1. Cleaning of machinery (before and after to prevent cross contamination) 

2. Programming of machine for appropriate fill amount. IE 16 Oz, Gallon Etc. 

3. Setting up and loading of caps, bottles & labels 

I point this out to say that when you order the MOQ of 440 bottles (16 oz bottles) you are taking all of these fixed costs and dispersing them amongst few items, as opposed to larger volume of 1,200 bottles, 2,000 bottles etc. In general we do not hit economies of scale in pricing until drum 3 or 4 as price will dramatically drop once you get into these volumes. Additionally label costs dramatically decrease with economies of scale as well. 

To give an example of pricing in the Gold Package, you can expect to spend a minimum of $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 for a full run of a product. Keep in mind all products have difference prices & costs. As an example, a dressing or tire shine has much more expensive raw materials than an All Purpose Cleaner for instance. 

What is our lead times? We can turn around a private label order in about 2 weeks! 

To inquire about our gold level package please e-mail me


 This is by far our most popular level of car care private labeling because of its low entry costs AND ability for l label customization. In this package, we allow you to select from a list of 12 car care products (and growing) and order a low MOQ of 60 bottles per product. When you do this, we will use a simplified label template and allow you to add your company logo, website, product name, product description etc! We use our PREMIUM formulas and standard scents/colors but essentially allow you to customize the label and allow you to get your brand off the ground! 

With this package we also have quick turn around time and are able to customize and print your labels and prepare your order within 5 - 10 business days! 



Our bronze level car care white label package is perfect for people looking to maximize their margin and profit on a low budget! With this package you can order 55 Gallon drums of product where you can customize the scent and color of almost any car care product you want! We can customize your formulation, fill it into a 55 gallon drum, load onto a pallet and ship it to your business or home location! We can put up to 4 drums on a pallet! We have over 50 different products to choose from. To get drum pricing please reach out to Garrett via E-mail GARRETT@RENEGADEPRODUCTSUSA.COM for pricing and delivery.