Chemical Reverse Engineer Program


Chemical Reverse Engineer Program

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We at Renegade Products Private label have a ton of experience with chemicals and reverse engineering products due to the combined experience of our staff and lab equipment. Our chemist, who has been with us for over 20+ years is a full time employee at Maverick Abrasives / Renegade Products. He has extensive knowledge on chemicals in the automotive chemical space and has done hundreds of product formulations, whether for our line of products or for reverse engineer opportunities for our private label customers. 

Reverse engineering a detailing chemical can be very easy or very hard depending on the particular product or chemical makeup of the product you are looking to have re-created. Products that are generally easy to deconstruct and re-create are products such as car shampoo's, degreasers, all purpose cleaners, waterless washes, quick detailers, waxes, dressings and ceramic spray coatings. Products that are on the difficult side are products such as paint correction polishes, ceramic coatings & air fresheners. 

What is required to Reverse engineer a detailing chemical? 

  1. Order the custom package here. 
  2. Send us at least a 16 oz sample of the product to be reverse engineered. Ship it to 4340 E Miraloma Ave, Anaheim CA 92807 Put ATTN Garrett on the package. 
  3. Send us a Safety Data Sheet (SDS sheet) Via E-mail to 

What comes with the reverse engineer program and how does it work? 

Once you follow the above steps and send us a sample of the product you want to reverse engineer along with the SDS sheet, we will conduct product research and develop a baseline formula. Once the formula is created we make you a sample mail it out free of charge (To any USA based location). Once you get the sample and evaluate it, you can either approve the sample for production or you will have the ability to have our chemist make one more revision. At this point we will make another sample based on your desired performance metric and ship out another free sample. 

Once the formula is formalized we can provide pricing in either bottled packaging or by the drum. Please keep in mind orders of customized formulas in this package are subject to larger minimums.

16 oz bottle minimums for reverse engineered formulas: 440 bottles or 880 bottles, depending on how complicated & involved the formula was to develop. 

1 Gallon Jug minimums for reverse engineered formulas: 55 pcs or 110 pcs, depending on how complicated & involved the formula was to develop.  

55 Gallon Drums for reverse engineered formulas: 1 or 2 drums MOQ, depending on how complicated & involved the formula was to develop.  

Why choose us?


We manufacture our formulations with exact precision. We use USA made ingredients, accurately measure each ingredient using precise scales and have well trained staff that has been with us for over 15 years blending our formulations. Our on staff chemist has over 30 years of experience in the automotive chemical space and continues to help us be an industry leader in developing well rounded, superior performing products.


We have heavily invested in the automation of our product manufacturing and filling with state of the art filling, capping & labbeling machinery. We have two state of the art chemical bottling machines built in 2020 and 2021 and one built in 2018. We rely on our machinery to quickly and efficiently bottle any chemical from soaps to waxes to degreasers. This helps drive costs down, which we are able to extend to you, the customer. Our machines can bottle 3,000 units per hour!