What scents & colors are available for private label?

What scents & colors are available for private label?


When it comes to private labeling, you have the ability to choose from a plethora of scents that tantalize the scent buds of your customers. We have many popular scents for you to choose from which work in almost any product such as a soap, ceramic, dressing, cleaner or even a stand alone air freshener. We always recommend adding scents to products when possible because it adds to the overall user experience of a car detailing product. 

What scents can you choose from when creating your own custom car care product? 

The scents we offer are Baby powder, black ice, hawaii breeze, jasmine, lemon, tangerine, pine, new car, pina colada, strawberry, cherry, vanilla, bubble gum, green apple, cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Bergamot, Coconut, grape, leather, fruit loops, banana, mint, cinnamon, almond, black cherry, cherry. 

While we could do blends of these scents to make a custom scent formula, we generally would have to stick to these available scents, unless your order was large enough to warrant bringing in a custom scent to manufacture your product. Keep in mind, scent is a small component of a formula, so bringing in a custom scent would require us to bring in many gallons or possibly even a drum of a concentrated scent to be able to make your detailing product. As such - your custom car care detailing product would need to use all or most of this custom scent. 

What are the most popular scents for a detailing product?  

The most popular scents that brands use for their detailing products are cherry, vanilla, black ice (smells like a male cologne), bubble gum & pina colada. These are the most common scents that we use for other companies brands due to their mass appeal and absolutely delicious fragrance they can give a product!

What detailing products can you NOT add a scent to? 

When creating your automotive detailing chemical brand, there are certain products or chemicals that do not take to scents. This reason can be due the end performance of a product, scent fading over time or simply by adding a fragrance to a product that simply can't help but smell bad naturally. Glass cleaners, as an example - do not take well to fragrances or scents because fragrances are typically an oil based chemical, which would cause streaking when cleaning a window. Additionally - scents do not take well to heavy degreasers or acids due to the chemicals harshness. The harshness of these chemicals naturally eats at the scent and prevents it from being effective over time. Lastly - certain products such as heavy solvent based products of iron removers do not take to air freshener chemical well simply because they still do not smell great! If you have ever smelled an Iron Remover you will know this product smells like rotten egg, and adding any scent to it is simply rotten egg with a hint of cherry! haha! 

When can you customize your product with your own scent? 

You can order a private label detailing product from us and choose your own scent when you order 440 bottles of a 16 oz product OR you order a 55 gallon drum or more of a car detailing product. This is because our minimum to make a custom batch of product is 1 drum of product. Anything below this such as our 60 bottle program, require you to stick with our standard scent and color profile.