16"x16" Microfiber Basic Towel 380 GSM Green (240 Pcs/Ctn)


16"x16" Microfiber Basic Towel 380 GSM Green (240 Pcs/Ctn)

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When it comes to basic, everyone needs to have a stack of these multi-purpose microfiber towels. No job is too big for our basic towel. Use it for cleaning, drying, wiping, buffing, polishing and more, for both the inside and outside of your vehicle. Instead of pushing the dirt around, the powerful magnetic charge holds the dirt in its magnetic microfibers to completely remove it from surfaces. Superior quality makes it safe for all surfaces, such as: Paint, Glass, Metal and Plastics. Available in 8 bright colors for easy color-coding each task and to avoid cross contamination. The color shown is our Fire Red color, we nickname it "China Red" color. We recommend this color to use on the rims and tires. This reason is because wheels are typically the dirtiest part of a car, and you don't want to risk any cross contamination. This 16" x 16" size can be easily folded, and fits comfortably in your hands.

  • Professional Grade Microfiber Towel
  • Multi-purpose cleaning and drying towel
  • Ultra-absorbent premium towel.  No scratch to all surfaces
  • Absolutely no lint, no swirl, no scratch
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, janitoral cleanings and much more.
  • Can be used for a variety of applications such as cleaning, dusting, and drying
  • Overlock stitching will not unravel.  It can last many laundries
  • When used wet the microfibers add scrubbing power
  • When used dry the fibers attract dust and dirt like a magnet
  • Clean effectively without the use of harsh chemicals, microfiber towels work extremely well with only plain water. It's a GREEN product.
  • 20 packs/case (240 pcs/case)

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